Honda Rincon upper A-Arm rebush.

How to rebush a "non-serviceable" Honda Rincon front upper A-Arm.

My Rincon has 3,000 miles on it.  The upper front A-Arms had tons of slack.

You could feel it in the steering and feel it rattle going down a bumpy trail.

I had heard you had to buy a new A-Arm to tighten it back up.  Not so!

Here are the parts required:

(4)   51108-HN2-000     Rear lower A-Arm, inner bushing

(4)     91261-HN8-003       Dust seal

High quality grease and gun.

If required: (2)    51464-HN2-000  shaft bushings (upper A-Arm collar)

You may not need these, I didn't, mine were Ok.


Remove bottom shock bolt and tie up shock out of the way.

At arrows, bolts removed from front fender frame support, both sides.

In circle, pull tie shock bushing to keep it from falling out.  If bushing falls out your needles could all fall out!

Remove nut, then pull bolt out, notice the front cap frame support is raised for clearance.

Remove brake line bracket bolts and swing A-Arm around.

Get Arm turned out where you can work on it.

  Remove dust cover                                                  Pull out shaft bushing (A-Arm collar)                  

Pull off dust seal on both sides.

Dust seal removed

Take a die grinder and carbide bur and "wound" the old bushing.

When you start to see aluminum stop or you could damage the A-Arm!

Check out new techniques below!

Rincon owners feedback:

Two new techniques! 

#1 Heat the bushing with a handheld torch to

soften it up to pull it out.

#2 Threading a 5/8 bolt into the old bushing will allow you to

tap it out from the opposite side.


Twist and pull out on the "wounded" bushing.

              Bushing pulls out easily.                                                      Bushing is out.                   

Repeat this for the other bushing.

Clean inside of A-Arm with round wire brush all the way through.

The new bushing.  This is the rear, lower A-Arm, inner bushing.

Honda says the front upper A-Arm is non-serviceable.  This is the same bushing as I just pulled out!

Put some grease on the outside of the new bushing and start it in.  Put a rag between A-Arm and knee.

Tap bushing in with plastic block and hammer.

Good as new!

The other side installed.

New Dust seal

Press dust seal on by hand.

Fill up A-Arm with grease.

My shaft bushing (upper A-Arm collar) was in good shape so I cleaned it up and reused it.

Grease it and push it through.  It will push excess grease out.

Push bolt in to remove grease from inside the shaft busing (upper A-Arm collar), then pull bolt back out.

Clean up inside of dust caps, lightly coat with grease and install.

Remove pull tie, push shock bushing out a little and give needles a shot of grease.

Swing A-Arm back around, put bolt in, install nut and tighten.  Put brake line brackets in place and reinstall bolts in and tighten.

Reinstall shock and bolts and tighten.

After both sides are done, reinstall front fender frame support bolts and tighten.

Your now have no slack or rattle in your front end!

Mine is like brand new!

This is also how you would go about changing the lower rear A-Arm, inner bushings.

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