ATV-Guru King Quad front and rear bumpers

Fits 2005-2019


The 7 GA. main plates are laser cut.  The top tubes are one piece and go through them.

The expanded metal mesh model has four separate sections and

we make sure all the diamonds line up.

No sharp edges, no ugly welds, no spatter, and no plastic plugs.

Available with or without expanded metal in black textured powder coat to match racks.


 Before                        After

These rears fit 2005-2018 

2019 slightly different.

Still allows use of storage box.


 Powder coated black texture:

King Quad regular front without expanded metal

$184.99 +shipping

King Quad expanded metal in center only

$204.99 +shipping

King Quad front with expanded metal in four sections

$234.99 +shipping

King Quad rear $149.99 +shipping

Shipped in the USA UPS

We ship to Canada and worldwide USPS,

email me for a quote.

Powder coated bumpers are wrapped and covered in protective wrap, tape, and cardboard

and shipped in a heavy-duty box.

All hardware included. Tracking numbers emailed with each shipment.

Get yours now!!!

We ship to Canada USPS.  Email us for a shipping quote.

In the USA, shipped UPS

We take credit cards directly over the phone,

We also accept Paypal including credit cards through PayPal,

money orders, and cashiers checks.

To order:

Call John at

501-282-1834  8 AM -5 PM central time Mon. thru Fri. or email us at


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